The premier issue of Onder Magazine is all about “BEGINNINGS”

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In this issue…

Onder Librum News

EDitorial — Views from The Archmage

Featured Article: A New Beginning for Forgotten Realms Interview with Ed Greenwood

Writers’ Workshop

Story, Plot and Back Story by Arlene F. Marks

The Process of Process by Gabrielle Harbowy

Swamp Pickles by Suzanne Church

Creator Profile: Gabrielle Harbowy


Artists’ Studio

Making of Bodyless by Eric Belisle


Gamers’ Table

Origin Stories at the Gaming Table by Kelby Barker

You All Meet in a Tavern: Advice on a First Tabletop RPG Session by James Silverstein



HoneyBunny by Lyric Goins

The Hellmaw Pt. 1 by Denise Lhamon


Onder Reviews

The Magicians by Sarah Celiann

Planetary #1 by Kaushik Karforma




Of Beginnings and Endings, Part I by Dileep S. Rangan

The Fishing Hole by Richard Lee Byers

New Faces by Chris A. Jackson


Meta Fiction

Linguistic Evidence of Otherworldly Influence on the Development of Humanity, Part I by David Wendt

Those Who Witness by Samantha Murphy

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